Bully Response Plan

This comprehensive program was designed by Chris Sutton of Clearwater, FL. Sutton is a former street cop, sheriff, and maximum security prison officer. Though he is a full time martial arts school owner, he did not include physical or verbal defense in the Cobra-Defense Bully Response Plan. Sutton says, “It’s always best to know how to defend yourself. Self-defense is the most important insurance you can have. But, this program is not about kicking or punching or fancy verbal defense. It’s about turning the tables on the bullies in ways they never saw coming.”

Overview & Intro To the COBRA Bully Action Plan from C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense on Vimeo.

What makes the Cobra Bully Response Training Program so Different from Other Programs?

  1. It shifts control to the parentsand off of the child-victim’s shoulders. It creates a powerful team between the family, school, and law enforcement.
  2. It is designed based upon yearsof law enforcement training and experience. It is a structured, organized, legitimate plan operating in the United States and around the world.
  3. It works with a more predictable outcome than other bullying programs.
  4. It has nothing to do withfancy verbal defense, punching, kicking or martial arts training.
  5. Addresses the possibilityof bullying and how to deal with it. Contains proactive strategies the family can use to prevent bullying before it starts.
  6. Teaches the children about the escalationladder so they can recognize a bully's actions in the beginning, when it starts with verbal abuse and un-wanted touching.
  7. 7. Has a proper step-by-step action planfor the parents to take over the situation and bring the bullying to a stop fast, without ever speaking to the bully, or his or her parents.
  8. Shows the best way to report bullyingto teachers, principals and law enforcement.
  9. The program shows parents how to eliminate 80% of bullying.

Statistically 1:4 students in Iowa are victims of harassment, assault, battery (Bullying) by another student. Sometimes the aggressor is a trusted teacher or coach, and then it is abuse. Since we have been teaching the program, we have had five families actively use the plan and it put an end to the harassment behavior quickly and effectively.

What People Are Saying:

1. “Judy E. Parent”
“This is a great program! Our family did this. It helped you to know how to handle bullies and what to do if someone tries to grab you. I think every family should go through this program. Even if you are not worried about bullies yourself. You would be surprised what you will learn.”
2. “Tammy A. Parent”
“Couldn’t believe what we learned about bullying and how to prevent it. Our son has Asperger’s, and the scripts will come in handy. Love the tools the Cobra program provides.”
3. “Chastity K. Parent” “Went to the program on Monday and used it Wednesday because my son was being bullied. The school had done nothing for him even though he and I reported it. After I sent the letter and followed the plan, the school responded and my son is safe from that bully.”
4. “Kirk G. Parent” “Our son was being bullied. The Cobra program gave us tools to use to address the problem in a very quick way. Love the self-defense techniques taught to the kids and parents. The program is very powerful. The other student was held accountable and the behavior stopped.”
5. “Susan K. Grandmother” “Wow. Every parent needs to attend a presentation of the Cobra Bully Response program. So many tools and powerful proactive steps for parents and grandparents. I know we can help our grandson if and when he is ever confronted with bullying.”

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