Don't Fall For These 6 Self-Defense Myths

What works well in real life attacks and what doesn’t?

Because society as a whole does not put great emphasis on real life self-defense training, we often come to believe, incorrectly, that ineffective techniques are actually effective. Watch this video to see C.O.B.R.A.™ bust these myths and show you want to do instead. To get full access to the Self-Defense College training that works in the real world, sign in below.

What you get

Self-Defense For The Real World. For Real People.

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C.O.B.R.A.™ Seen In

St. Petersburg Times, The Oregonian, Daily Herald, The St Augusta Chronicle

Learn Quickly

Don't have years to learn a sport-based art? Use the most effective techniques now.

For Everyone

No matter your age, gender, size or level of experience, self-defense is only effective if you can do it!

Physical & Mental

Learn the criminal mind, avoid conflict, & eliminate the threat when confrontation is unavoidable.

Reality, Not Sport

Eye strikes, edged weapons, firearms… are you prepared for a world with no rule books?