Infographic: Which Violent Crimes Are You Most Likely To Encounter?

We've put together this infographic with, sadly, actual data from the FBI.
The data comes from the latest available period as of this post.

Infographic Which Violent Crimes Most Common

The First Graph

The first graph shows statistics of the rate of various types of violent crimes in the U.S. and how they compare to other types of violent crimes.

The Second Graph

The second graph shows the top-level types of violent crimes and their actual numbers for one year in the U.S. It's really tragic to see those numbers.

And keep in mind these numbers represent REPORTED violent crimes and don't include unreported crimes.

The Quote

"Most people are not prepared for the range of possibilities the real world dishes out everyday."
Chris Sutton, C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense founder

There are no requirements as we grow up -- and very little importance placed on -- learning how to protect ourselves from these kinds of things.

What To Do About It

This is why we feel so strongly about our mission to help spread real world self-defense to as many real world people as possible.

It's why we created our online self-defense course & home study kit, so that we can reach people our national and international training centers can't.

What you get

Self-Defense For The Real World. For Real People.

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