Your Child Needs To Know This Life-Saving Anti-Abduction Technique

How does a small child defend against a much larger abductor?

Let's face it, a small child is most often ineffective against a large attacker if s/he is trying to punch or kick his or her way free. What should the child do instead?

Keep the situation grounded

An abductor needs to transport a child and do it quickly so the longer the situation stays in one place the greater the chance of survival.

The low anchor keeps the abductor from moving the child, getting in the car or driving off. It stalls the situation so the child can scream and attack. Instead of pulling a child into the car, shutting the door and driving off the attacker now has a small child locked to his ankle screaming for help and biting his leg.

This situation isn’t what the attacker planned for and now there may be witnesses calling law enforcement or running to help.

It will also instill panic in the abductor as he is fearing getting caught. Creating an anchor and attacking the leg is like trying to pick up a wild cat that doesn’t want to be picked up, it’s not going to go well.

Anchor. Attack. Escape.

The formula: Anchor. Attack. Escape.

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